ANIMAL 100% WHEY 4 LBS - 60 servings

Servings: 60Price: Rs 3,800

Size: 4Lbs

Premium quality, isolate-loaded, and highly digestible whey protein powder, Animal Whey repairs muscle tissue and reduces post-workout soreness fast. Animal Whey contains 25g of protein per scoop, made up of the highest quality protein sources, and comes in a variety of flavors that mix easily and taste great.

  • 25g of protein and only 1g of sugar per serving
  • Isolate-loaded for post workout and recovery
  • Packed with fast acting digestive enzymes to work quickly and efficiently


A superior whey protein isolate fortified by digestive enzymes, Animal Whey serves up 25 grams of highly bio-available protein per scoop and just 1 gram of sugar. Our fast-acting formulation repairs muscle tissue and reduces post-workout soreness fast so you can get back into the gym, rested, and ready to go again.

Animal Whey stands apart from the crowd not just in terms of quality, but in amazing taste. If you’re going to drink multiple protein shakes per day, they better taste delicious. We offer standard flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla, and more unique powders like Brownie Batter, Chocolate Chip or Cookies and Cream for those who want something a little decadent in their shaker cup.

Animal Whey protein powder mixes easily, no chunks or floating powder, and no stomach bloating. Just a great-tasting, smooth protein shake that’s perfect for filling the gaps between whole-food meals, providing 25g of high quality protein in a low sugar and highly digestible powder mix. is a Registered ™ of Elite Nutrition & Consultant Ltd

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