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Universal classic 2012

universal classic 2012 thumbThe Universal Classic 2012 show was held on the 17th of novembre 2012. This private show was organised by Sachin & Christee at the MGI Auditorium at Moka. The show proved to be a mega hit with the famous south african bodybuilder; John Leslie present and the coming back (made possible by Universal) of Giovanni Bru.

Giovanni Bru the great mauritian Champion of 2006 has been absent for five years. Universal (Sachin & Christee) sponsor and gave him the opportunity to reappear in the bodybuilding world. Denis Ayen who has always been beaten by Giovanni Bru till 2006, has been the champion during the absence of Giovanni Bru. To note Denis Ayen has also been sponsored by Universal for three years. This show proved Giovanni Bru the winner and he won a trophy imported from the U.S.A and worth rs 25,000 + rs 50,000 cash.

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