GH Max - 180 Tabs

Servings: 30Price: Rs 1,200

Size: 180 tabs

GH Max is a growth hormone (GH) supplement consisting of a select blend of GH secretatogues, vitamins and other nutrients. One of the most anabolic hormones around, GH helps increase nitrogen retention, enhance protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Only GH Max provides the pharmacologically-proven 2:1 ratio of arginine to ornithine.
DOSAGE: Take 6 tablets daily on an empty stomach. Take 4 tablets before workouts and 2 before bed.


GH Max - 180 Tabs

Servings: 30 Rs 1,200

ZMA Pro - 90 Tabs

Servings: 30 Rs 950

Fish Oil

Servings: 100 Gels Rs 900 is a Registered ™ of Elite Nutrition & Consultant Ltd

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