Hi Protein Bar 3 OZ

Servings: 16 per box Price: Rs 100

Size: 3 OZ thespyexpert

First there was the “energy bar.” This was followed by the “high protein” bar and then the “low carb” bar. With the Hi Protein Bar, a new precedent has been set: the high protein/low carb (HPLC) bar. Hi Protein Bar is the first HPLC bar with over 33-34g of protein and only 7g of net impact carbs. With a protein-to-carb ratio of nearly 5-to-1, there is no other bar like it in the world. For starters, the Hi Protein Bar is the world’s largest high protein bar, topping the scales at 85g (9% larger than typical bars). And while many bars use only whey protein concentrate exclusively, Hi Protein also uses the purer, more expensive whey protein isolates in each and every bar. Plus, you’ll also find hydrolyzed whey protein, glutamine peptides, and soy isolates.

You won’t find this combination in anything else. But protein is only part of the story. Compare Hi Protein Bar’s 1g sugars to others. Some “high protein” bars contain 13g of sugars! Hi Protein Bar is also the only bar of its kind which contains no sucrose or added salt. There is no other bar in this category which can make these claims. Not one. How is this possible? We make all of our own bars. We don’t hire a “contract manufacturer” to do it for us. Ever wonder why nearly all bars taste the same? That’s right, contract manufacturing. Does the back of your high protein bar say, “made by” as it should, or does it say “made for” or “distributed by”? This is an important distinction. Manufactured by us. More protein, fewest carbs. What more do you need to know? How about a nice, easy price? Because we’re the manufacturer, we can keep quality up and cost down. On a gram per gram basis, Hi Protein Bar is the most economical of all the bars. Bottom line: you’re not going to find more protein and fewer carbs anywhere else at a better price.

Finally, while protein content may be the primary concern, and while the price is secondary, there’s still the issue of taste. A bar can be great in every respect, but without taste, it will never succeed. Some bars on the market have the consistency of asphalt. Others taste like they’re made of concrete. Rest assured, all of the Hi Protein Bars are soft, moist, fresh and delicious. In a recent comparison, consumers chose ours as one of the best tasting high protein bars on the market. With 20 key vitamins and minerals and its proprietary Hi Protein Bar Matrix, the Hi Protein Bar is hard to beat. Extremely hard.


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