Ultra Mass 4500 - 9.5LBS

Servings: 10 Price: Rs 3,000

Size: 9.5LBS

Universal Ultra Mass 4500 provides you with only high quality calories that help you build muscle mass that is toned and strong. You also need fibre and complex carbohydrates to gain instant energy during your workouts. Universal Ultra Mass 4500 has medium chain triglycerides or MCTs which are essential fats, that help you to uphold lean body mass.

This is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a way to build muscle in your body, without putting on weight and spending hours in the gym. This works as a supplement which provides the body an increased metabolic rate so that you burn fat and at the same time build muscle. It also provides extra energy and stamina for your workouts.

Features And Benefits

  • It helps build muscle tone in the body.
  • It keeps the body lean.
  • It is low on fat.
  • It also provides stamina for the body.


Ultra Mass 4500 - 9.5LBS

Servings: 10 Rs 3,000

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