Carnitine Liquid - 473ml

Servings: 16Price: Rs 950

Size: 473ml

Carnitine Liquid is a 100% pharmaceutical grade L-carnitine supplement. Carnitine was first isolated in 1905. Although referred to as a vitamin, carnitine, or Vitamin BT is more closely related to amino acids. Carnitine is synthesized from amino acids, primarily lysine and methionine. 90% of carnitine can be found in cardiac and skeletal muscle cells. Thus, a deficiency can seriously impair the normal functioning of the heart and the muscles throughout the body. In Europe, carnitine has been used for over 60 years to treat heart patients with high levels of fat in the blood. More recently, in 1986, it was finally approved for use in the U.S. Its primary function is to regulate fat oxidation. In other words, carnitine functions as a catalyst; it helps you tap into your fat and burn it as fuel. And, as fats (long-chain fatty acids) are the highest energy food fuels, burning fat means increased energy for whatever task is at hand.

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