Servings: 20Price: Rs 2,800

Size: 6.8LBS  

Real Gains from Universal is a powerful tool in the workshop of the mass-hungry physique builder. A modern mass gainer, Real Gains was designed with the ideal macronutrient profile to provide quality calories in an easily accessible powder form. Real Gains is a clean, nutrient-dense weight gainer that provides plenty of fast and slow proteins in the form of whey (isolates and concentrates) and premium micellar casein. Real Gains also utilizes complex carbohydrates (with low sugar), healthy fats (EFA and MCT) and special inulin for fiber. DOSAGE: Mix 3.5 scoops with 12-16oz of your beverage of choice. For additional calories, you can add whole milk and other foods.


• A modern mass gainer
• High protein, high carb and low fat
• Clean and nutrient dense
• Low sugar and healthy fat sources
• Various sizes and flavors
• Perfect for your typical hard gainer


Ultra Mass 4500 - 9.5LBS

Servings: 10 Rs 3,000

Mass Tech 7lbs

Servings: 14 Rs 2,800

Real Gains 3.8Lbs

Servings: 11Rs 1,800

Serious Mass 12lbs

Servings: 16 Rs 2,800

Gain Fast - 10 lb - choc

Servings: 20 Rs 2,600

Gain Fast - 5 lbs

Servings: 10 Rs 1,800

Mass Tech Bucket - 22 lbs

Servings: 18 Rs 4,400

Carnivor Mass - 10 lbs

Servings: 25 Rs 3,200


Servings: 26 Rs 2,900


Servings: 20 Rs 2,800 is a Registered ™ of Elite Nutrition & Consultant Ltd

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